Social Networking Events

ECR Networking Event

Inviting all Early Career Researchers attending the TSANZSRS Annual Scientific Meeting to please join us at the Early Career Networking event on Sunday 26 March from 5:30pm – 6:30pm in the Dobson Foyer to meet your colleagues and expand your network. The format will be a stand-up cocktail function at Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre with networking activities. Register for this session now when you complete the registration form or email

2023 Respiratory Research Excellence Awards

An open invitation to celebrate the 2023 winners of these awards. This award session will showcase the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand awards. Please join us on Saturday 25 March, 5.15pm - 6.00pm in Auditorium 4. The TSANZ Welcome Reception will follow. 

Meet the Expert Lunches

Date: Sunday 26 March and Monday 27 March 2023
Time: Lunch 12.10pm – 12.55pm
Location: Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre

Now that we are finally back meeting face to face again for the 2023 Annual Scientific Meeting the Conference Committee has designed some new sessions to maximise engagement opportunities, so you are to invited to register for a ‘Meet the Expert’ lunch session.  These 45-minute sessions will run as an casual round table lunch during the lunch breaks on Sunday and Monday, allowing you the chance to pick the brain of the experts on their topics of choice.

Sunday 26 March experts: 

  • A/Prof Isaretta Riley - Pick the brains of our international speaker around conducting community engaged research, and how to start your research career when no one in your institution has expertise in your area.
  • Prof Hilary Pinnock - Remote consulting and telehealth for respiratory disease and renovating a medieval house
  • Prof Vanessa McDonald - Balancing your life and career and establishing effective collaborations
  • Prof Philip Hansbro - Making it as a non-clinician scientist (P.S. I also recently published book, The Good Gut Anti-Inflammatory Diet, ask me how I the found time to write that.)
  • Prof Martin Phillips - Let's talk about Interventional Pulmonology

Monday 27 March experts:

  • Prof Maureen George - Community engaged participatory research and shared decision making in the clinic
  • Prof Greg Downey - Navigating the tightrope from early career to tenure & negotiating your first academic position
  • Prof Philip Bardin - Ten top tips to get published
  • Prof Paul Reynolds - Balancing clinical and research expectations in a tertiary care hospital
  • Prof Matthew Peters - Language in the care and evaluation of a new patient with possible lung cancer and negotiating the bumps in life's road


TSANZSRS Active Programme

We want conference attendees to maintain a healthy mind and body during the conference. We have organised a few activities to keep your lungs and muscles working as hard as your brain this TSANZSRS. We hope you’ll enjoy these opportunities to get out and see a little that Otautahi Christchurch has to offer and socialise with colleagues. 

  • Yoga; step into an oasis of calm in Te Pae Christchurch Convetion Centre, unwind and clear your head through breath and stretching.
  • Waka on the Avon; Experience the excitement of paddling a hand-crafted waka down the River Avon and learn about the importance of the waka to Māori culture. Enjoy early stories of Canterbury's Ngāi Tahu iwi and the earliest European settlers, and the positive things they achieved building the city of Christchurch together.   

The boring but necessary details:


When: Sunday 26 March from 7.00am - 7.45am
Where: Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre
Cost: $15
Notes: wear loose, comfortable clothing and no shoes. Please bring a clean towel to lay on ground for floor work. Register in advance via conference website, limited places.
Please note that minimum numbers apply for the sessions to proceed.
Please register your details in advance through the registration form, or email


Waka on Avon:

When: Sunday 26 March 5.00pm
Monday 27 March 5.00pm
Where: Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre. Waka mooring is a 6 minute walk from conference venue.
Cost: $55
Notes: wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes, you should not get wet. Lifejackets provided on request. Event may be cancelled in event of bad weather.
LIMITED PLACES - only 30 people per trip.
Please register ASAP through the registration form, or email if you wish to participate in this unique experience.

Waka on Avon

Explore Otautahi Christchurch: Fun Run/Walk/Roll:

When: Timing variable as per preferred schedule
Where: connect with us via the conference APP on the social wall during the conference for details.

We invite you to explore the nearby riverways, parks and architecture of Otautahi Christchurch during your visit for the conference. Choose from one (or all) of three routes provided to experience at your leisure with colleagues and friends.
Connect with a few colleagues and arrange a walk/run/roll and post times and photos to the Social Wall in the app to be in to win diverse prizes on offer, could you be this years’ “Streaky Opacity”?! ".
All routes start and finish at Te Pae Conference Centre. There will be road crossings involved in all routes and you will be on public paths, you are responsible for your own safety and should keep left on paths, use only designated road crossings and follow all rules of the road. The weather in Otautahi Christchurch can be changeable with strong winds and having a light windproof/rainproof layer with you at all times is recommended. Sunrise is at 7:35 am, sunset 7:35 pm during conference period. We strongly recommend you travel with someone else, or at least inform someone when and where you are going. TSANZSRS accepts no liability for your personal safety when out exploring one of these routes.

Route 1: Sightseeing stroll from Te Pae
Take in key landmarks of Otautahi Christchurch on this pleasant loop-walk. 


Distance: 4km
Elevation: 16m
Accessibility: Yes
Highlights: New Regent Street, Cathedral Square, High Street, Earthquake memorial, Antigua Boat Shed, Canterbury Museum

Route 2: 5km Hagley Park Escape from Te Pae
Escape to the urban oasis of Hagley Park with its lake, river and exotic trees on this flat 5km route. 

Distance: 5km
Elevation: 19m
Accessibility: Yes- final section along Avon River has gravel surface, alternative route along Riccarton Ave.
Highlights: Victoria Lake, Hagley Park autumn colours, Avon river

Route 3: Only the strong- 10km Red Zone Route from Te Pae
Follow the Avon river into the urban reserve created following the Christchurch earthquakes. Red Zone footpath route is clearly sign-posted, there are multiple road crossings in this route. 

Distance: 10.5km
Elevation: 20m
Accessibility: Yes
Highlights: See new native vegetation flourishing along purpose built walkway. Finish early for refreshments at English-style pub “Pomeroys” on Fitzgerald Avenue.

Have fun, stay safe!